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360° Protection Glasses

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Snipersling Gears: 360° Periphery Eye Protection Glasses

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  • Features: Adjustable Arms, Anti-Fog, UV-Protection
  • Glass thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Material: Makrolon
  • Weight: 35 g

Shooter’s Most Valuable Gear – The Eyes

Hunting slingshots and catapults are so much fun but it is very dangerous. Small mistakes can cause serious hurt. We have seen too many casualties in this sport. Proper protection such as eye protection should be enforced at all times. Our 360° Protection Glasses offers constant protection to your eyes. The 2.5mm thick plastic material protects the area all around the eyes. It is super lightweight and durable. Plus, the adjustable arm is able to fit any head size. Anyone and everyone can wear our Protection Glasses. Other features include anti-fog and UV-protection – perfect for outdoor shooting.

Check out our unique slingshot S-PHOENIX with the adjustable throat that suits all shooter type.

Check the video below:

Package includes:

    • Protection glasses: 1 piece

Designed for the best shooting experience

Snipersling offers a wide range of high-quality slingshots and related accessories. Our team is made up of slingshot enthusiasts. We’ve tried hundreds of different slingshots and accessories in the Chinese market, finding the best ones for shooters worldwide. We also design and manufacture our own models with the latest ideas.

By shooters, for shooters. We know what shooters need.

——- Snipersling Team