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Acrylic Taper Templates For Bands Cutting

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Acrylic Taper Templates For Bands Cutting

  • Customizing acceptable!
  • Weight: 120 g

Slingshots are personal gears that have no one-size-fits-all, different shooters may have their own styles and technique that optimizes their accuracy and shooting experience. So a growing numbers of shooter started making their own band sets. This acrylic taper template is a useful tool for band assembly. With our preset variations of taper band length and width, simply choose your ideal band size and cut your band according to the preset sizes. Customize how you want your bands to be according to your own preference with this handy acrylic taper template.

Available sizes in stock:

18-10-250(200-250), 20-10-250(200-250), 20-12-250(200-250), 22-12-250(200-250), 19-11-250(200-250), 23-13-250(200-250)

18-9-230(200-250), 18-10-230(200-250), 19-11-230(200-250), 20-10-230(200-250), 20-12-230(200-250), 22-12-230(200-250), 23-13-230(200-250), 25-15-230(200-250)


20-12-170(150-190), 22-12-170(150-190), 23-13-170(150-190)

Customize note:

20-12-230(200-250) means when you cut the band by length 230mm, you will get a standard 20mm-12mm tapers band, if you cut it by other lengths between 200mm or 250mm, the width of each side will change accordingly.

Select the taper and length option in the “Order Notes” before checking out.

Package includes:

  • Slingshot taper templates: 1 piece

Designed for the best shooting experience

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