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Durable Adjustable Band Jig For Slingshot Band Sets DIY

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Durable Adjustable Band Jig For Slingshot Band Sets DIY

  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 420 g
  • Size:180mm*60mm*70mm

Slingshots aren't personal gears that have a one-size-fits-all. Different shooters may have their own preferences and techniques that optimize their accuracy and shooting experience. So a growing number of shooters started making their own band sets, however tying pouches onto bands with your bare hands is an agonizing process, bands would easily break at the pouch side if it’s not tied properly. With this new band-tying jig, it makes this process way easier, it holds the pouch really tight with advanced fixing and stretch system, allowing shooters to tie the pouches firmly onto the bands after fully stretched. And its adjustable feature makes it suitable for any pouch sizes.

Made from steel, durable and easy to use!

Package includes:

  • Band Tying Jig: 1 piece

Designed for the best shooting experience

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