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Snipersling Slingshots: S-Buffalo Titanium with “Push-lock System”

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Snipersling slingshots: S-Buffalo

  • Adjustable fork width (80-90mm)
  • Head size: 20mm
  • Material: TC21 titanium alloy/Stainless steel
  • Weight: 150g/180g

Its whole new breath-taking design might bring you a few feet closer to heaven but let us bring you back to Earth first for a quick product brief.

S-buffalo is a hammer grip style slingshot. Its ergonomic design ensures the best grip for you sharpshooters.

What is more mind-boggling is the whole new “push-lock” system. As opposed to the traditional method of manually tying the elastic bands onto the grips, S-buffalo entirely eliminates that agony for you! This can be done in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Push the lever up on both ends.

Step 2: Fit the elastic band neatly into the crevice of S-buffalo.

Step 3: Lower the lever down into a perpendicular position. Give the band a nice tuck to ensure that it is secured.

To all you shooters out there who are consistently worried about how the throat of the slingshot always doesn’t seem to suit your liking, fear not! We have heard you!

S-buffalo comes with an adjustable throat so that you can shoot at ease, not having to worry about the throat length matching to your needs. That way, you can shoot with a peace of mind, upping your game!

The last thing on today’s menu is the aiming mechanism. Instead of the complex aiming extensions that might affect your view, S-buffalo’s aiming mechanism comprises of just a single beam.

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Package includes:

  1. S-Buffalo:1 pc
  2. Carry case:1 pc

Designed for the best shooting experience

Snipersling offers a wide range of high-quality slingshots and related accessories. Our team is made up of slingshot enthusiasts. We’ve tried hundreds of different slingshots and accessories in the Chinese market, finding the best ones for shooters worldwide. We also design and manufacture our own models with the latest ideas.

By shooters, for shooters. We know what shooters need.

——- Snipersling Team