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Snipersling Slingshots: S-Lizard W2 OTT With Clip Design, 100% Handmade Slingshot For Hunting, Customization Acceptable

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S-Lizard W2 OTT Handmade Slingshot

  • Material: Brass, wood
  • Width: 85mm
  • Tip size: 22mm
  • Height: 120mm
  • Weight: 144g

S-Lizard W1 slingshot, 100% handmade by experienced slingshot craftsmen, all details are nicely finished, it can perfectly fit in your hand to ensure optimum shooting accuracy. S-Lizard is made of brass and natural wood, durable and elegant. With the fast screw clip design, it's way easier to reload your bands.


For customized orders please let us know the customization detail via: service@snipersling-slingshots.com


Please note our handmade series have very limited production, not all the items are in stock, if the item says no stock then we will be needing around 2 weeks to finish your order.

 Package includes

  • S-Lizard: 1 pc
  • Carry case: 1 pc


Designed for the best shooting experience

Snipersling offers a wide range of high-quality slingshots and related accessories in various designs. Our team is made up of slingshot enthusiasts. We source, design, and make the best ones for shooters worldwide.

By shooters, for shooters. We know what shooters need.

Snipersling Team