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Snipersling Slingshots: S-Phoenix Titanium With Adjustable Throat

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Snipersling slingshots: S-Phoenix

  • Adjustable fork width (80-90)
  • Head size: 22mm/25mm
  • Material: TC21 titanium alloy/Wood
  • Sighting light
  • Weight: 320g

S-Phoenix offers a pinch grip OTT fork, with an ergonomic design, it fits comfortably in your hand to ensure optimum shooting accuracy. The advanced optical fiber aiming device guarantees precise shots even in dark places. In addition, the adjustable feature fits all shooter types with multiple anchor points. With its fast spring clip design, it only takes a few seconds to reload your bands. Now, you don’t have to worry about all the annoying band tying work with S-Phoenix!

It also comes with a built-in aiming light which makes night hunting way easier! 1 battery included, you could purchase more here.

Package includes:

  • S-PHOENIX with 1 battery included:1 pc
  • Carry case: 1pc

Designed for the best shooting experience

Snipersling offers a wide range of high-quality slingshots and related accessories. Our team is made up of slingshot enthusiasts. We’ve tried hundreds of different slingshots and accessories in the Chinese market, finding the best ones for shooters worldwide. We also design and manufacture our own models with the latest ideas.

By shooters, for shooters. We know what shooters need.

——- Snipersling Team