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Snipersling Slingshots: S-Pelican Aviation Aluminum Portable EDC Hunting Slingshot WIth Adjustable Throat

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Snipersling Slingshots: S-Pelican Aviation Aluminum Portable Slingshot

  • Material: Aviation Aluminum
  • Fork width range: 80mm-90mm
  • Clip size: 22mm
  • Height:105mm
  • Bands clip: Fast screw clip
  • Color: Black, Gray, Green
  • Weight: 94g

After 4 months of adjustment and improvement, we finally carried out our new model S-Pelican, it's a pinch style slingshot, the surface lines are very smooth and beautiful, offering you an excellent hold feeling too. The nice part of it is it has an adjustable throat, the fork width be adjusted from 80mm to 90mm by a screw, shooters can decide their best setting base on personal usage habits and shooting distance. S-Pelican made of durable aviation aluminum, after anodization, the surface can be super hard and looks really nice. Give it shoot, you will love it!

Package includes

  • S-Pelican: 1 pc
  • Carry bag: 1 pc

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