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Snipersling Super Fast Army Green Slingshot Flat Rubber Band For Slingshot shooting (200cm×15cm Rolls)

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It might be the best latex you could find in the market at the lowest cost!

Army green is a charming color to military enthusiasts, after multiple experimental color adjustments, now it's on SNIPERSLING!

We've been searching for the perfect latex for slingshot shooting from the very beginning, after testing loads of samples from the different factories we finally get the right ones and we decided to introduce you guys!  It has a very good elongation of 1:6.5, which means really good elasticity, it draws light but the test result shows its speed is 5% higher than popular brands in the market. And the life span is also impressive. Give it a shoot!

  • Brand: Snipersling
  • Size: 200cm × 15cm/Roll
  • Color:Army green
  • Working temperature:-10℃-40℃