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Snipersling Super Fast Slingshot Flat Rubber Band Sets For Slingshot shooting(12 in pack)


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Snipersling Super Fast Flat Slingshot Rubber Band Sets For Slingshot shooting

It might be the best latex you could find in the market at the lowest cost!

We've been searching for the perfect latex for slingshot shooting from the very beginning, after testing loads of samples from the different factories we finally get the right ones and we decided to introduce you guys!  It has a very good elongation of 1:6.5, which means really good elasticity, it draws light but the test result shows its speed is 5% higher than popular brands in the market. And the service life is also impressive. Give it a shoot!

Snipersling band sets use center positioning 2mm pouches, fit for all kinds of ammo, and holds really comfortable.

  • Brand: Snipersling
  • Taper:20-12(mm)
  • Thickness:0.4mm/0.5mm/0.6mm/0.7mm/0.8mm
  • Length: 15cm/20cm/25cm
  • Color:Balana yellow
  • Working temperature:0℃~40℃

Size guide:

  • Length 15cm: For shooters with a draw distance below 75cm
  • Length 20cm: For shooters with a draw distance between 75-105cm
  • Length 25cm: For shooters with a draw distance longer than 105cm

Pre-made band sets aren't able to suitable for everyone, you could cut them shorter when you find them too long for you, and you will get better performance as well.

Package includes:

  • Snipersling Latex Band Sets: 12 sets

How to store the latex?

When you don't use it please seal them and lay them in a shady place,it can last 2-3 years and stay in good condition if you store them right.

Designed for the best shooting experience

Snipersling offers a wide range of high-quality slingshots and related accessories. Our team is made up of slingshot enthusiasts. We’ve tried hundreds of different slingshots and accessories in the Chinese market, finding the best ones for shooters worldwide. We also design and manufacture our own models with the latest ideas.

By shooters, for shooters. We know what shooters need.

——- Snipersling Team